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>> Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ryan and I met while SCUBA diving. Well, not literally. It is still a hobby we share. I can't get enough of the water. I had my first swim at 4 months old. Emily had her's at three months old. We are so proud of her!

Ryan's dad and his wife have a pool that was open and ready to go on the 4th. We swam, laughed, ate, and had an all around great time. We then went to my ma's for a fantastic fireworks show hosted by Mitch. Emily was a tired girl by the time we got home. It was fabulous!

Getting reading to go under...

OK, here we go!

She is so fun

and brave.

Our little family.

Emily laughing at Grandpa Joe. This may be an all time favorite of mine.

I go a little overboard with the sunscreen.


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