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>> Sunday, July 3, 2011

Emily and Grandma Sue at our Father's day bbq.

Emily all ready for a day of shopping with the girls!
With our home on the upward swing, Ryan and I felt comfortable enough to have his brother, his brother's wife, and their 5.5 month old baby stay with us for a week.  I was beyond excited. I was up til midnight every night for a week prepping for their arrival. We still hadn't moved everything in from the remodel, so we had some work to do. Thankfully, I had the help of my mom and mother-in-law. I was also finishing up work the week they were to visit. I was busy. But hey, everyone is busy.

Emily and Grandpa Joe
Emily, Ryan, and Darin
The week was wonderful. I had to work only two days and then I was off on summer break. Chelsea, my sister in law, watched Emily while Ryan and I were working. She also made some killer snicker doodles and banana bread. They had a blast. We had dinners, a date night, a girls only shopping day, and just good old fashioned hang out time with family. It was the first time we had company stay, and it felt great. Emily and her cousin, Aubrey, had a great time as well. They were so cute exploring each other. Aubrey is just amazing and adorable. Emily is growing everyday. We are so in love with both girls. Every night I went to bed feeling so blessed to have a wonderful nuclear family, but also a wonderful extended family. I have had some seriously tough family issues this year. It was nice to enjoy the simple and loving company of Darin, Chelsea, and little Aubrey.

I was honestly sad to have the week end. It flew by. I hope they can move up here soon, however, I just know Aubrey and Emily are going to be BFF no matter how far apart they are:-). 


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