What happened to cards?

>> Monday, January 25, 2010

I was at Target today buying toilet paper and such when I noticed all the Valentine's cards. So, I wandered over to take a gander. Much to my surprise there was a little old lady who was starring intently at a card. I noticed she had plucked it from the section labeled "Granddaughter". She then turned to me and asked me to to read it. She then asked me if people still give cards. This was much to my amazement, because we were standing between two aisles lined with various cards. However, I thought about her statement for a minute and replied that people still give cards, but only a very special few. This made me sad. I can count on my right hand how many cards I have received in the last year (counting 2009). With that said, I bought a few cards and can't wait to send them. Yes, in the mail. You know, with a stamp.


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