>> Saturday, October 31, 2009

Greetings from Tully's on 78th! I must say I haven't been productive this last week, and it makes me wonder, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH ME??? I should be busy, I am busy. But it's not with what I should be busy doing. I should be writing my assessment plan, finishing a unit on Frankenstein, and I should be reading all those wonderful "teacher books" I absolutely treasure. I think I'm afraid to go all out. Wow, I said it. Once I start reading and writing, I don't stop. Suddenly, nothing matters and time gets away from me. What is wrong with this? Nothing, as long as I don't plan on going to class, seeing Ryan, having friends, or feeding the dogs. OK, enough with feeling sorry for myself. I'm working steadily now. Actually, I'm blogging.


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