Mary Beth

>> Monday, May 27, 2013

She is the mostest! 

Weighing in at six pounds 12 ounces. 
Born April 4, 2013 at 10:17 AM
See below for the good stuff... or skip if you don't like birth stories from a hippie point of view.
I believe with my whole heart in natural birth whenever possible. When I say "natural" I mean no medication. Just you and your birth team. My birth team was Ryan, Mary, and Pita. I feel so lucky to have met these three people:-). Mary and Pita were our midwives with Emily as well. When we found out we were prego again, we knew we needed to get hold of these ladies ASAP.
I thought I was going into labor the night before it actually happened. I was on spring break, and we had moved into our new place the weekend before. We also had a contractor coming in the morning to finish our hardwood floors. We seem to remodel when we have babies... not doing it a third time (the remodel, not the baby). So, when I woke up at 5 AM with contractions, I thought it best to not wake Ryan. I timed them instead. The contractions were kinda strong and 10 minutes a part. I thought I was just having some joint pain. This was a common sensation the second time around. However, the "joint pain" was fairly consistent. I decided to wake Ryan when they were eight minutes a part. Good thing too. The contraction were quickly 7 minutes, then six, then... you get the point. We called Mary.
Correction: Ryan called Mary while I called my mom to ask if we could have a baby in her living room. I laugh as I type this, because it sounds so crazy. I couldn't have a baby  in our new house because I wanted those floors finished ASAP. My mom said to come on over. I packed our bags, jumped in the shower, and prepped for having a baby (mentally). It's all  mental, folks.
With Emily in the back of the truck and our birth tub right beside her, Ryan hightailed it to my mom's house. My ma took Emily out to breakfast and to play while Ryan got set up. The night before I had bought the jammies for after labor so I put those in the wash. I started to have stronger contractions, but nothing wild. This labor was so manageable and dare I say... easy? I'm not sure why, but I didn't feel the contractions were strong enough to have the babe anytime soon, and I started to worry around 10AM that we had called Mary too soon. Not the case. As Mary, Pita, and their intern sat at my mom's dinning table chatting, I felt a different sensation with the contraction: my water had broke. I had a sudden feeling of panic and (what felt like a shout) said, "something is happening!". Mary rushed over in her calm way and told me my water had broke. I promptly replied, "What do I do?". Pita laughed and said, "Have a baby". These women are amazing. Birth is so normal and natural to them. I wonder if they ever panic?
Have a baby we did. Not one minute after my water broke I had to push. I stayed in the same position in the tub the entire 20 minutes I was in there. Within three minutes of pushing, Mary Beth was born. All I remember is Mary (our midwife, not the baby) telling Pita that the head was born, and then she talked me through the next push. It was an amazing moment. We didn't know we were having a girl, and all I could do was cry. I was so happy to have two beautiful girls. Mary Beth looks so  much like Emily. Emily is the best big sister. Ryan is getting used to lots of kisses, pony tails, and talk of all things girl. We couldn't be happier.


Rachelle Simmons May 28, 2013 at 6:54 PM  

I love this story! <3 Nice job, Momma. ;)

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