Sweet Baby Emily

>> Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photo by Cheyla of Breedlove 
I call her Emi. Ryan calls her Sweetheart. My mom calls her Emers. We are all in awe. I'm working on a post all about her birth and how wonderful it was. In the meantime, I wanted to officially introduce her after eight days of her not having a name. We have been crazy busy with baby stuff and getting our house put back together all the while trying to enjoy the family we have visiting. We still can't believe she was almost a month early. We had so much to get done before she came, but it always works out. She was ready to get here. We are so happy she is healthy and happy.

It has been such a joyful time for us. We can't believe how long we can just stare at her. More to come. Ryan has taken over 1,000 pictures. The hardest part will be to chose which pictures to share.

We are off to nap. Happy Sunday!


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