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>> Saturday, January 22, 2011

@22 Weeks
Ryan and I have learned that babies bring all sorts of unsolicited advice and warnings. However, the most annoying interesting are the nay-sayers. You know, those people who like to squash your ideas about your birthing plan, cloth diapers, and the hopes of a toy free living room. I realize Ryan and I don't have children. I realize that we are being idealistic. I want others to realize that we can be.

On a lighter note, our new bathroom and bedroom are so close to being finished. We should be moving in on Monday. We had our first Bradley Birthing class this last week; I'm so excited we found a space that values our commitment to a non medicated birth. So, here's to another great weekend of home improvement and reading my new Sun magazine that arrived yesterday. Yeah.


Tabitha Evans February 20, 2011 at 12:05 PM  

I was just thinking today, "Why are other women so negative about new moms?" I'm not pregnant, but three of my close girlfriends are. It's so interesting to me that the first words out of these "veteran" mother's mouths are: 1. Negative, 2. Used to invoke some kind of fear, or 3. Like they're asking to be revered. I don't get it.
Good on you for taking charge of your birthing experience and not letting others decide for you.
Yes, it takes strength to push a baby out of your body, but there is something so weak about showing up to a hospital and not questioning any of the decisions made. I feel as though some people put more effort into a college research paper than they do researching how is best for them to bring life into the world.
Anyway, just stumbled upon your blog via Facebook and wanted to encourage you. :)

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