Tis the Season

>> Monday, December 6, 2010

My friend and mentor, Jois, likes to call this time of year "the season to be jolly". Of course she says this in her friendly sarcastic way. I'm starting to agree with her, however, this last weekend was a great kick off to our season full of jolliness. Enter: Our Christmas tree.

The senior boys were selling trees for a fundraiser. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to help out some kids and to make the ordeal of getting a tree very easy. Easy it was. I picked up the tree, Ryan brought it inside, and we had a great time decorating the tree while sharing Christmas memories. We finished our evening by watching A Christmas Story. It's our new tradition. Yeah!

I also bought two wreaths from the horticulture kids. (Word has gotten around that I'm a sucker for fundraisers.) I hung one wreath on our door and gifted the second to my mom. They smell and look wonderful!

All I need to get is a tree skirt and we'll be set for the holidays. I guess it would be good to get some thoughtful gifts under the tree as well. 


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