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>> Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How do I start...

I need to read this short and extremely readable novel again in the near future. I feel as though I missed some of the depth this novel secretly holds due to the simplicity of the writing. I'm not saying Coetzee writes simply, but his writing allows the reader to simply and gracefully move across the pages until suddenly the novel is over, the sun is setting, and the reader, me, is terribly hungry.

There are several overarching themes that are personal and deep. I think that is part of my issue with this novel; I need more time to process my thoughts about the topics and themes that are discussed in Disgrace. I also need more time to unpack all the events that took place within the short 220 pages.

As I said before, I need to read it again. This novel is one that should be read with a pen handy. I would also suggest you give yourself time to take notes, to stop and process what is happening, and to dig deep into the metaphors and themes that are thought provoking and eloquently presented.

Invisible (Hardcover) by Paul AusterThe Color PurpleI am now reading The Color Purple by Alice Walker.  I will start reading Invisible by Paul Auster on Friday. Amy, a fellow book enthusiast, and I will be reading Invisible together. I will try to snag her notes on the novel to post as well. Happy Tuesday!


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