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>> Monday, June 24, 2013

While cruising on Pinterest, I realized I was late to the teepee party. With Emily at the perfect "let's build a fort" age, I decided to fulfill one of my own little dreams: a girly teepee. (I also needed something to fill that space in our living room.) Everyone wins!

I got the party started by picking up six garden sticks (5 feet) at Home Depot for about $2.50 each. So cheap. I wish they were a little bit taller... I wish I was a baller. Sorry, I had to:-). But seriously, I do wish they were about a foot taller, but it's good for the girls. Emily can stand up in the teepee, and that is most important.

I then dug out some fabric from my ever growing stash. I used three yards of cream duck cloth. I was dreading the moment that came next: drilling a hole in each pole. Since every room in my house contains some sort of power tool, I went on a drill hunt. I'm still not sure I used the correct attachment, but nothing caught on fire (although there was some smoke), and I got the job done. I measured eight inches from the end of each pole and made a mark. I then went to town on drilling the holes to run the twine.

Once the holes were drilled, I strung them all together with twine. This was a little tricky, but just keep arranging the sticks until you have a teepee shape. I wanted a girly teepee, so pink ribbon came next. I brought the teepee inside and used the ribbon to secure the sticks (not through the holes).

Once the frame was set, I simply draped the duck cloth over the sticks. I was going to call it a day, but I saw a Michael Miller floral fabric screaming to be made into bows to hold it all together. I cut two slits in the cream duck cloth, cut a strip of floral fabric, and I tied a bow (repeat). I'm happy I completed this extra step as it adds a little something extra, I can make matching pillows to throw in there, and it securely holds the duck cloth in place and helps to stabilize the teepee. I also knew Emily would appreciate the bows- so cute.

The project took a total of 30 minutes! Emily loves it, and Mary hung out in there for a while too. It also fills a formerly lonely space with some personality. Poor Ryan has a floral accented teepee in his family room; I'm pretty sure he is getting used to these types of shenanigans. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section!


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