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>> Monday, October 24, 2011

I love my job for so many reasons. I feel seriously blessed to have found a profession that fits me like my favorite jeans. The students are the best part. This past week I was able to assign a great little task courtesy of Abby. Abby sent me an email last Sunday with the following question included:

Shouldn't your best friends, BFF, be someone you admire at least enough to want to be like? Not in the sense that you copy everything they do, but in that you look at who they are and say to yourself, "that's really cool. I want to try and implement that in my life."? Just a thought.
The 9th graders had just finished reading The Chosen. One topic covered in this little jem of a book is friendship. I presented the above question to the students, all 82 of them, and asked them to write Abby back in the form of a letter. They were to answer her question based on their reading and life experience. The responses amazed me. They were so thoughtful and kind. I promptly mailed all 82 letters to Abby that afternoon. I knew that I couldn't talk to Abby for the next three days for fear of spilling the beans! I love using the good old post office.

Abby received the letters and called right away... of course. It was a super writing prompt, but more importantly, it was a reminder to the students, and myself, that one never stops seeking for what it means to be a true friend and to have a true friendship. Thank you, Dear Abby.


Cassie October 16, 2012 at 9:39 AM  

what a neat thing to have your kids respond to the Dear Abby question and then mail them to her!! How neat you got a response as well. Love this idea for the classroom. :)

P.S. Are you still teaching in the same school?

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