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>> Thursday, July 15, 2010

With my free time, I have started editing our wedding photos (sigh). While browsing through the 1200 pictures, I realized that I have failed to share anything about our honeymoon on this little site. So, here we go. To the left is a photo of me about to go diving on a sunken ship named, The Hilma Hooker. A guy at breakfast had a shirt on that read "I penetrated the Hilma Hooker". I was intrigued. Our surface swim was a bit long, but well worth it. Ryan took several pictures (as always). The ship was sunk on purpose to be used as an artificial reef. Coral reefs are being killed off at a rate that is sickening, but that is not what this post is about. It is about our fantastic trip to Bonaire. Bonaire is considered to be located in South America. Ryan and I are on a quest to dive on all seven continents. We are still unsure if we are going to count Bonaire as S. America. P.S. Bonaire is located off the coast of Venezuela and it's magnificent. Below are some of Ryan's pictures... just in case you don't believe me:-).

I found turtle above at a dive location called, Something Special. Special it was. This turtle was huge! This is the second turtle I have ever seen, and I was super excited. The picture below the turtle is at a shore dive named, Red Slave. Bonaire's main export has always been salt. It still is today. The slaves that did the hard labor lived in huts that were the color of the grade of salt they worked tirelessly to export. The colors of grade were: white, red, blue, and orange. The huts are tiny and face the ocean.

The below image was taken at the beginning of a dive. It is peaceful, a little eerie, and it makes me extremely nostalgic for Bonaire. (To see many more pictures, check out Ryan's link on the upper right side of the page.)


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