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>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

On the top of my summer to-do-list is, "Make dinner every night". I have accomplished this goal thus far... for the most part. Tonight I decided to make an old family favorite, Betty Crocker's Stuffed Green Peppers. My mom used to make these when we were kids, and surprisingly, we loved them.

My mom is a great cook of about ten specific meals. I love her spaghetti, her hamburger corn pie, and her amazing hostess skills. When you go to my moms, you are the guest. And it's good to be the guest. Somehow she remembers what everyone's favorites are and plans accordingly to who is coming. She is the greatest.

So, as I was scrapping out the membranes of the green peppers, drinking my new favorite Valpolicella wine, and listening to Ben Harper, I found myself drifting back to being ten and waiting patiently for dinner to be served. Dinner was always somewhat hectic at our home. The boys were running around or playing Nintendo, my dad would be watching TV or in the garage, and my mom and I were always setting the table and making dinner. I wouldn't say we had "chores", but we had roles, and I knew mine. Now, while I set the 14 tables at the restaurant, I can't help but think my life has come full circle:-).

Sitting down and having dinner as a family was a finish to the day when I was a kid. I hope to carry on that lost tradition in our present culture. So tonight, Ryan and I will sit and have Stuffed Green Peppers with wine. I love a well balanced meal!

Cheers! Thanks Mom!


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