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>> Monday, March 23, 2009

The semester is at the half way point and I'm feeling it! The group work seems overwhelming, the readings are insightful, and the hundreds of new lesson plans are being kept safe in a vault for that first year of teaching on my own.

The most interesting thing I've learned so far is the need for inter-thematic units= lessons that can be used across multiple disciplines. For example, just think if the math, science, English, and history departments worked together in order to teach all the effects flight has had on humans. It could be very interesting for all involved. One can hope...

Speaking of hope, I hope everything I'm learning now is practical enough for everyday use in the classroom. I hope there is a classroom for me to teach in once I complete school. I hope to have the knowledge needed for teaching the students of today. I hope to make a positive difference. 

Did a teacher make a difference in your life? Good, bad, indifferent? What is it that makes you remember that teacher?


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